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Chicken                                                  one handful
Coconut milk                                         100ml
Water or stock                                        170 ml
Galangal - thin slices                              4-5 pieces
Lemon grass - cut as an inch                  4-5 pieces
Kaffir lime leaves - torn into half pieces  2 leaves
Thai shallots - pressed gently                    1
Small red chillies                                        2
Fish sauce                                                  2 table spoons
Sugar                                                         1 table spoon
Lemon juice                                               1 table spoon

Step 1: In a pot, place the coconut milk, herbs and the meat; stir until the meat is half cooked.
Step 2: Add water and wait until it boils.
Step 3: Add all the sauces (fish sauce, sugar).
Step 4: In a medium bowl add the lemon juice and pour the soup over.

NB:   for vegetarian, we should use only carrot, fresh green stalk, green beans and fresh baby corn, and replace fish sauce with soy sauce.

Boil the soup
Prepare the ingredients